The BENEATH is celebrating its second year! A lot has happened, like a new name: UNDERHILL HAUNTED HOUSE! We are so excited to show you the new sets, characters, makeup and scares! The Beneath was started last year when news that the traditional Haunted House at Memorial Coliseum was going to close. A group of local artists and creatives joined forces to keep a decade of screams alive by rolling up their shirt sleeves, putting their shoulders to the wheel and creating a brand new haunted house experience. With just two weeks to build three mazes in the 40,000 square foot space, The Beneath 2018 was an ambitious endeavor. Thankfully, from a test of fire, great things can arise and in 2019 our new experience: Underhill Haunted House, will be more dynamic than ever.

new in 2019…..

We’re presenting FOUR Haunted House experiences under one gigantic roof:

Underhill Manor, a Victorian-inspired experience transporting guests back to another era where terror starts in a creaky mansion. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Our second haunt is based on happy, cheerful clowns that everyone loves! Right? Well, at the Clown Factory something or someone has gummed up the works and clowns are coming out, twisted, evil, and looking for a different sort of fun. If clowns terrify you than of all our haunted house experiences this one is IT for you!

If you distrust the Government and pharma scientists, your worst and goriest fears are fully realized in Infectious. This experience is not for the faint of heart, so be cautious make good decisions and escape before you are infected.

Finally, for little ones under the age of 12 (as well as those of all ages that are a little Haunted House-phobic), we present Kids Monster Fest, an immersive matinee experience because haunted houses are so less scary in the daylight. Kids Monster Fest is sure to give you chills and a few scares but in a wholesome, kid and family-friendly environment. Also, as the only Halloween event targeted to families with children (and you adult scaredy cats, too), Kids Monster Fest is the only Halloween event located in the Portland downtown metro area. With lots of parking and a short commute to keep you from driving up to an hour to Hillsboro, Salem or Sauvie’s Island for a corn maze or kid-oriented attraction, Kids Monster Fest is a perfect option. You can leave Kids Monster Fest refreshed, a bit scared and a whole lot of excited about Halloween!

Wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.



Raising money for local theater. Some of the proceeds from Underhill Haunted House benefit Twilight Theater Company, an amazing local group bringing vibrant works to stage in Portland. Please check out their upcoming plays “The Smell Of The Kill” (Sept 6-22, 2019) and “Veronica’s Room” (Oct 18-Nov 3rd, 2019)


Tickets and Payment

Group Sales, Corporate, and Help-A-Charity tickets are available.

Both cash and card are accepted.



"Fantastically done! Great new haunted house in the portland metro area. Makeup is amazing and the props and special effects are one of a kind." — Steven A.

"Good makeup, good actors. I was impressed. A few rooms were exceptionally memorable. It was a lot of fun, and my girlfriend was absolutely terrified." — Roger B.

"Great haunt--low budget but with a lot of heart behind it." — Madison M.





Memorial Coliseum

300 N Winning Way
Portland, OR, 97227